rickysays: make memories!

Go hiking or snowshoeing

Go hiking amidst the surrounding nature and rolling mountains. Walk ancient Ottoman trails during spring or autumn, and snowshoeing in winter.

Connect with a high power

Have a spiritual experience by going on a religious pilgrimage to the three nearby monasteries. Or simply enjoy the wine and organic goodies produced by the monks! The Monastery of Saint John the Baptist (Deir el Kalaa) which dates back to 1750, the Saint Moussa Monastery (Deir Mar Moussa Al-Habshi) which was built in 1753 over Roman remains, and The Monastery of Saint Isaiah the Monk (Deir Mar Chaaya) which was established in 1700, are all a quick drive from Hotel Wakim.

Step back in time

Explore the past by visiting the old Phoenician and Roman ruins in Deir Al Kalaa (Deir El-Qala'a). This historical adventure into ancient civilizations is a short walk away from Hotel Wakim. Discover the Roman baths, columns, mosaics, and other reminders of bygone days.

Go party with the gang

Watch an incredible performance at an annual festival. Spend the day or party at night in bustling Brummana, which is packed with attractions. Different experiences await just down the road from Hotel Wakim.

Indulge in tasty delights

Craving a delicious Lebanese mezze? Or a great steak? A casual bite? Or a fine dining gourmet treat? Many well-known and highly rated restaurants that serve local and international cuisines are just minutes away. The choice is appetizingly vast. And the different ambiances and views are sensational.